Sewer Repairs

When you have sewer problems, call Carter Sanitation - Southern California's sewer and septic experts.

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Sewer repairs are typically conducted through the traditional excavation method. Carter Sanitation will pinpoint the broken pipe with a video sewer camera and electronic locator. Carter Sanitation will then replace the damaged section of the pipe with a new root proof pipe using a high strength coupling.

When replacing a large section of the sewer line, Carter Sanitation will remove the damaged section using a backhoe. The traditional sewer replacement method requires city permits, training and the necessary equipment when excavating in depths exceeding five feet.

You can rely on Carter Sanitation to not only fix your problem, but to replace the existing concrete to its original condition along with any other landscaping that was removed.

What are the benefits of traditional sewer repairs?

This method offers a lower cost alternative where problems are localized and confined to a smaller section of piping.

Getting Sewer Help Is Easy


Step 1

Give us a call and we will dispatch a plumber to you quickly.

Step 2

Our plumber will give you an estimate and discuss the problem with you.

Step 3

We will repair your issue professionally and affordably.

Step 4

You return to normal, with functioning plumbing.