Sewer Inspection & Drain Cleaning

When you have sewer problems, call Carter Sanitation - Southern California's sewer and septic experts.

Licensed & Insured | California State License #268016

When it comes to sewer & drain issues, Carter Sanitation is ready to respond to your needs. Our sewer specialists can diagnose and solve issues quickly and efficiently. We are highly trained and experienced in sewer maintenance/cleaning. We use the latest and greatest equipment and technology to get the job done fast and friendly. We will get your sewer and drains unclogged as soon as possible, recommend periodic maintenance, and ensure free flowing lines with an estimate carrying 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

With conventional drain cleaning, a twisting metal cable fed inside the sewer pipe and/or storm water line. This cable rotates cutting grown roots, and helps release sludge and debris leaving the line clear.

We offer both trench repair and trenchless replacements. Trenchless sewer replacement allows us to replace damaged or failed sewer lines without having to "open trench" the entire route of the existing sewer line. Trenchless replacement usually requires operation holes on the starting and ending points of the sewer line that is in need of replacement, the old sewer line is used as a route for our new sewer line. At time of inspection we will determine what replacement method is the proper fix for your sewer line. All sewer lines have different types of damage or obstacles that may not not allow us to use certain trenchless methods.

Getting Sewer Help Is Easy


Step 1

Give us a call and we will dispatch a plumber to you quickly.

Step 2

Our plumber will give you an estimate and discuss the problem with you.

Step 3

We will repair your issue professionally and affordably.

Step 4

You return to normal, with functioning plumbing.