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5 star ratingJesse and Felix have done an amazing job fix my kitchen and my Landry sink. They are very friendly and they take their time on doing thing but also work at a fast pace. They are very professional and clean. They told me a time when it will be done and it was accurate. I will defiantly call them again to come and help me out.

Yaneth P. Avatar
Yaneth P.

5 star ratingfilex is so experienced & professional, fast job fair price. highly recommend to whoever need help with plumbing problems.

Tin C. Avatar
Tin C.

5 star ratingI spoke with Felix in the morning and he came out later that afternoon to do the FREE camera inspection. Felix was helpful and able to give an honest assessment of what our plumbing issues were. It is hard to find honest service these days and I would say that Felix and Carter sanitation is great way to go.

Kevin P. Avatar
Kevin P.

5 star ratingAlways very professional and very competitively priced!! Very responsive!! As a property manager I have worked with several plumbers and Felix has set the bar very high. Would highly recommend them.

Mandy F. Avatar
Mandy F.

5 star ratingThese guys are Great! They came out to assess the situation quickly, identified the problem and how to fix it, gave me a quote including all permit fees, got the job done quickly and passed all city inspections without a problem. Highly recommend this company for all your sanitation needs. Danny & Natalie, Whittier, Ca

D S. Avatar
D S.

5 star ratingFelix gave me a 2 hour window when he'd arrive and called in advance to let me know when he was on the way.  I thought I had a septic system issue but it turned out to be otherwise.  I didn't have any work done by them but I appreciate the time they took to come out and take a look, explain things in a straightforward manner, their professionalism, and taking the time to fix and explain the actual issue.

Nick L. Avatar
Nick L.

5 star ratingFelix and his team are very professional and were ready to help with the plumbing problems. The shower drain in my house was very clogged and led to the toilet flooding from below. Felix was the only person that responded to my call on a busy Sunday and proceed to solving the issues as soon as possible. He diagnosed the problem and provided the appropriate long-term and short-term solution to having old pipes in the house. Felix was efficient, knowledgeable, and reliable. He was perfect for the tough work.

Annie Y. Avatar
Annie Y.

5 star ratingI thought my septic tank was full and ordered a pump out from Felix. Instead he figured out it was a single line backup and it ended up saving me a ton of money. Just needed to be snaked. He even cleaned up all the mess from the backup that went onto my driveway! What great business ethic! They could've charged me a lot more and I wouldn't have known the difference. That is how you make a customer for life. Will definitely be using and referring this company. Hard to find quality companies like this anymore.

Stephen G. Avatar
Stephen G.

5 star ratingI would like to give this company another 5 star review for saving the day again, the drain line stopped up at my parents place over the weekend and apparently they had roots in the line where the metal pipes under the home tie to the clay sewer line in front of the house. Another company I called wanted to charge by the hour and wasn't sure of how many hours it would take to complete the job. I called carter sanitation for my parents and Felix was able to respond the same day and his team located the problem with a camera. After showing us what the last company said we had to buy a DVD copy of "our sewer" we were fully informed and ready to let them take care of the issue. A few hours later we were up and running again with the roots removed and a new clean out installed for possible problems/ cleaning of the rest of the sewer line to the street. Thank you Carter and Felix !!! A+ job!

Marlene L. Avatar
Marlene L.

5 star ratingWe used Carter sanitation last year. We haven't had any issues with our plumbing since. The grass has grown back nicely. Felix and the Carter sanitation team were very professional and timely. I definitely recommend this team for all sewer needs.

Raymond V. Avatar
Raymond V.

5 star ratingFelix saved the day. I had significant tree root damage to my sewer line between the house and the street. Felix obtained the permits from the city, and completed the job. Most importantly, he worked with the city to ensure that the job was completed to their expectations. Carter is a licensed to do this type of work. ALWAYS check to ensure that the contractor you select is Licensed and Qualified to do the job. I can assure you that Felix fill both of those qualifications and does high quality work for an affordable price. I highly recommend Felix and Carter Sanitation.

Russ W. Avatar
Russ W.

5 star ratingCalled them Sunday morning at 9 AM and then showed up right on time at 11 AM. I thought that was pretty good for a Sunday. Their prices were reasonable and fair. They were prompt and did what they said they were going to do. They Explained everything. I would recommend these guys.

Bernard D. Avatar
Bernard D.

5 star ratingThank you God for Felix he answered our call on a Sunday, was able to troubleshoot our plumbing problem. He was not only professional but also very kindhearted to our struggles. He will become our permanent Plumber.

Janeth M. Avatar
Janeth M.

5 star ratingReading through the reviews, I already feel very confident with this company. Surely, Felix and Frank went extra mile servicing us on the issue we had. I am very happy with their professionalism and friendliness. They are like your trusted friends even though it was the first time I called for their service. They snaked the pipe once and showed me where the problem is through camera and snaked it one more time to make sure I can buy some time before tackling the bigger root issue. No hard selling everything was smooth and easy. I highly recommend them to anyone who has sewer problems.

Heidi L. Avatar
Heidi L.

5 star ratingCalled Felix and he went out to do a camera inspection on the sewer line at a jobsite in Hacienda Heights. He did a great job. This is the second time I have called him as the first time was at a jobsite in Rancho Cucamonga.

Andy L. Avatar
Andy L.

5 star ratingThey came and we couldn't find the septic tank, but they didn't give up. Found the tank, added risers and replaced main line to the house. They were kind and patient with me and made the changes in a timely fashion.

Lori S. Avatar
Lori S.

5 star ratingThese guys are great! We first used them over 8 years ago and believe it or not Felix is still there giving great service!

Javier M. Avatar
Javier M.

5 star ratingWe hired Felix again to install a two-way clean out for our home maintenance due to the flat design of the pipeline out to the main sewer line.  They got the job done in 3 hours, the used the 4" blade to clean the sewer line in both ways (going back to the house and going to the main sewer line).  They even hydrojetted to clean the pipeline at no additional charge, which usually costs a few hundreds!  At the end, they ran the camera to make sure the pipeline is cleaned as much as possible.  They cleaned the area after the job is being done.We are extremely happy about their professional service and high recommend to use them!!!  Thank you Felix!

Sophia C. Avatar
Sophia C.

5 star ratingI had an emergency septic tank pumping couldn't use my bathroom for about 3 days. I called many septic services most could not make it out on that same day. I called carters around 7 am same day they care out pumped my septic and had my bathroom services up and running. When u need an emergency they treat it like emergency thank you Felix and crew for coming out and doing awesome job will be using there services for long time thanks again.

Jesus M. Avatar
Jesus M.

5 star ratingMy inlaws had a  horrible sink flood and it happened on Saturday night on Mother's Day weekend!!! I immediately looked on yelp and was directed to "carter sanitation " which had had great reviews. I contacted them and Felix came out very quickly on Mother's Day early morning . Felix was very nice , honest,efficient and professional. He did the work in a quick , clean and pleasant manner. He also didn't overcharge  and the PRICE was very reasonable . My inlaws also appreciate that he answered all their questions with no up-selling sales tactics. They were very happy with the service Felix provided. We will definitely be using him again.

Veronica O. Avatar
Veronica O.

5 star ratingI called Felix at 8:30am, on a Monday morning and he answered on the 2nd ring! I didn't have to leave a message on an answering machine. He arrived by 4 hours later, rooted my main line and showed me the problem with the camera. I have an estimate to fix this problem once and for all and he and his crew left my sidewalk clean, unlike every other plumber who has come out.Thanks Felix.

Charmaine G. Avatar
Charmaine G.

5 star ratingSewer replacement.  Carter handled it all.  Quick, clean, permitted, not free (but I guess that may have been a bit much).  I've been talking about that sewer replacement for years especially when the roots get clogged about twice a year.  I recommend them. Just do it!

Ethan B. Avatar
Ethan B.

5 star ratingWe have an old office building, Felix was able to pump the septic tank, refilled it with gravel and connected the old sewer line to the main sewer line, so we never ever have to worry about pumping the septic tank again, asphalt was repaved over the trench and septic pit, and cleaned up all the debris, we are very happy with his work, very professional and prompt. Thanks..... keep up the good work.

SS L. Avatar

5 star ratingNeeded service ASAP. These guys came through. Felix was an awesome guy to talk too. Would definitely recommend their service to anyone. Keep up the good job.

Jimmy T. Avatar
Jimmy T.

5 star ratingFelix was able to provide services quickly and at a reasonable rate. Communication from the start to end has been prompt and professional. It's hard to find someone trustworthy that can deliver on thier word. Felix did just that. Thanks again sir for your great work.

Junior J. Avatar
Junior J.

5 star ratingThe sewer line to my home was backed up, after messaging for a quote I received a very prompt response with prices to Carter's Services. The crew came out with their equipment and were able to clear my line on such short notice. I highly recommend Carter Sanitation's Services, they are prompt, professional, and time efficient.

Jasmine G. Avatar
Jasmine G.

5 star ratingI had tree roots invade my sewer main line leading to the septic tank. Felix took my call promptly and arrived as scheduled for the work. He and Jesse quickly pumped the tank and diagnosed the problem with the fiber optic pipe camera. The work, which consisted of replacement of the main line, was done the same day. Very impressed with their promptness and professionalism and would recommend.

Peter J. Avatar
Peter J.

5 star ratingStarting off, Felix communicated with me very well and updated me on his time of  arrival via text and was there on time. As soon as he got there, he started educating me on the type of drain system I have on the property.  He was very professional and detailed with the  information throughout the process.After he and his crew were done clearing the drain, he gave me the short term and long term fix solutions with out being a pushy salesman. Carter Sanitation is a top tier company and partly due to Felix's great customer service.

Agustin P. Avatar
Agustin P.

5 star ratingWonderful and quick service.  No hidden fees.  Felix is a hardworking and honest businessman!  I will definitely use him again for my next project.

Jorge V. Avatar
Jorge V.

5 star ratingIf you are ever in need of a sewer replacement  I highly recommend Felix of Carter Sanitation Sewer Co.  He did an amazing job on my sewer line.  I did not have to worry about getting city permits,  street traffic, etc it was all taken care of by Felix & his crew.  I am impressed by his dedication to helping me during a very stressful situation. Thank you once again for the amazing job.

Hilda R. Avatar
Hilda R.

5 star ratingMy toilet had a particularly stubborn clog that we couldn't solve for three days. Then I sent out a quote request and Carter Sanitation promptly got back to me within an hour, even though it was almost 10pm. Their price was easily the best amongst the group. We made an appointment window for 8-10 the next day. When they arrived they were really professional in doing an evaluation and testing of the clog. They made a couple of suggestions, explained that if the standard procedure wouldn't work they would need to remove the toilet to access the sewer line. They decided to give it a second try with tools from another site. After trying again they were able to successfully unclog it without removing the toilet. I appreciate fully the professionalism & honesty with which this company services clients. Without a doubt, All my future plumbing issues will be solved by Carter. Thanks guys!

Meng J. Avatar
Meng J.

5 star ratingOne call and it was fix. Felix and his crew got to my shop and got the drain clear and fix the drain that I was having a problem with. He was on time, clean and fast.

David S. Avatar
David S.

5 star ratingRuben was very professional and did a great job explaining the issue we had. He made me feel confident that I had one of the best doing the job. Thank you!

Cynthia J. Avatar
Cynthia J.

5 star ratingThanks to Felix from Carter sanitation for resolving our sewer problem, he used a camera that resolve and located our sewer problem.. I really recommend Carter sanitation they have an affordable price.

Manuel D. Avatar
Manuel D.

5 star ratingThe neighborhood I live in has a lot of trees and the roots grew into the sewer lines.  Luckily I was able to have Felix and his crew come out fix everything. They worked fast and had reasonable pricing. I also recommend them for drain cleaning services.

Olivia P. Avatar
Olivia P.

5 star ratingThank you! Thank you! Thank you! Had contacted him the afternoon of my sewer problem and got a response almost immediately. Felix told me that he could be at my house at 7am the next day. Not only was he punctual, but he fixed my problem immediately. Super reasonable and would recommend his services to anyone needing it!!

Jasmine W. Avatar
Jasmine W.

5 star ratingI called 3 companies.  Two had 1,500 gallon trucks and these guys had a 3,000 gallon beauty.  Pricing?  Felix quoted me the very best.  I didn't fill that bad boy up, but they accommodated my unique property with their flat rate pricing.  These are my new septic/sewer guys.  Very professional and no games.  Price quoted was honored, and they came at the scheduled time.  Zero complaints!!  See you guys in 3 years again for my property, and maybe sooner with some referalls!

Stuart S. Avatar
Stuart S.

5 star ratingFelix and his crew came out to help us before the heavy rain.  Our backyard drain was backed up. They figured out what the problem was ASAP, and now there is no more lake forming right outside our door. Thanks again for the great service!!

Peter W. Avatar
Peter W.

5 star ratingWe had Felix locate our septic tank and put in riser. We are satisfied with his quality of work.  Very punctual and not rush in doing his work.

Sonya W. Avatar
Sonya W.

5 star ratingI can't write enough good things about Carter Sanitation. They are experts in their field, have the right equipment to locate and diagnose the problem, friendly, and do their work at a fair price. Another plumber wanted three times the price to replace a sewer line than what Carter charged. They are also licensed to replace sewer lines beyond the curb and Into the street. I would not recommend anyone else to replace or repair your sewer line.

Katherine W. Avatar
Katherine W.

5 star ratingCarter sanitation was absolutely incredible. We called them for a particular problem in our septic system and they were on the spot that day. They affected repairs and completed the required work without hesitation. The problem involved digging  a six-foot hole in our yard to expose the septic system and correcting problems. At the finish of the work they left the yard in excellent condition with minimal invasion and well landscaped.Their work was exemplary and efficient and their staff extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for any work for your sanitation and septic system. I don't think you could find a better crew to work with.

Debbie J. Avatar
Debbie J.

5 star ratingFelix was Very friendly, professional and hardworking. I Contacted him the night before and he was nice about answering all questions I had. He was very punctual and on time. He Did let us know what the problem was and what was causing the sewage backup in our yard. We had a free camera inspection with the cost as well. It Turns out it was the tree roots blocking everything and he was able to fix it in no time. Glad we contacted him, will definitely be calling back for future services.

Priscilla P. Avatar
Priscilla P.

5 star ratingWe woke up this morning and noticed some flooding coming from the side of the house. Felix answered right away and came over within 45 minutes. He was able to figure out what the problem (cheap plumbing installed by the builders). Felix showed us what happened. Because my family needed the plumbing fixed ASAP, we had Felix do the job. He even documented the whole process so we could submit to the builders and home insurance company. Felix was very professional, hard working, friendly and an excellent worker. I was very impressed with his quality of work and highly recommended him and this company. Thank you Felix for a great job! You truly are a lifesaver.

Nina M. Avatar
Nina M.

5 star ratingcan't thank carter sanitation enough! Ruben did a great job from the start! on time, knowledgeable & friendly! now my family can poop with peace of mind! 6 stars if i could :)

Jon J. Avatar
Jon J.

5 star ratingAfter sending out a few quote requests, Felix was the only one provide free estimate for the project we need. He is very professional and the job was done quickly. I would highly recommend Carter Sanitation!

Evelyn Y. Avatar
Evelyn Y.

5 star ratingWe are looking to do an addition on our newly purchased home.  Given we were uncertain about the exact location of the septic tank (and its condition), we called on Felix.  He spent about 15 minutes on the phone with me talking through the various components of a septic system.  The next day he showed up on time with his team so they could put a camera through the pipes to check the location and condition.  Even though they were not successful at first, the checked for other entrance points and ultimately were successful.  They were timely, persistent, and got the work done in a professional manner.  Felix then explained what they found in specific context to the addition that we want add to our house, helping us to know what questions to ask our architect and contractor.  Would fully recommend Felix and his team.

Ian F. Avatar
Ian F.

5 star ratingJob was done in Whittier in November 2018. Review is late but I've had one and a half years of experience with the results of Felix's work.It's a testament to him and his company that almost 2 years out and I still remember with fondness his professionalism, pleasant demeanor and the quality of his work.Price is within range for the job. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive but I feel the best value.For main line sewer issues, he's the man.

Joe M. Avatar
Joe M.

5 star ratingFelix is a true professional! I'm a Real Estate Broker and have referred Carter Sanitation to several clients. All of them extremely satisfied with pricing and quality of service. I also used Felix to hook my personal residence up to sewer when my septic tank stopped being effective. Felix took care of all permits, explained the job in great detail, had it done in a timely manner and cleaned up beautifully when the job was completed.In my line of work I have dealt with many sewer contractors over the years but none compare to Carter Sanitation.

Jana J. Avatar
Jana J.

5 star ratingI'm glad to have found Felix and his team. After coming across a non-licensed company who over charged me for hydro jetting my main line, I was skeptical of everyone I was meeting to replace my main sewer line. I decided to go with Carter Sanitation, who provided me with the time to ask questions, depth details of what the process would consist of, payment options and best price quote with city permits. I will definitely call Felix again and recommend anyone to their team who is looking to replace their sewer line!

Diana Q. Avatar
Diana Q.

5 star ratingThis is the second time I use theese guys. The first time they came and pumped out my septic tank, they took time to answer any questions  and were very nice about it. I thought I was having an issue with my septic tank and had them come out to pump it again and it turns out it was just a clogged pipe. They could have easily pumped the system out and just charged me the money but instead chose to let me know there was nothing wrong with the system and it didn't need to be pumped. It's hard to find honest company's like that anymore, give them a try  you won't regret it!

Enrique Q. Avatar
Enrique Q.

5 star ratingFelix, the owner of this company, is a honest, competent plumber with competitive prices.  He was able to snake the sewer lines of our old house to clear up the stoppage while the other plumbers said that they couldn't do and proposed the thousand-dollar solutions.  He did the camera inspection of our sewer line at no charge while a few others asked for $250.  His price for snaking the line is about 10% less than the prices quoted somewhere else.  We are extremely lucky to have found Felix to take care of our plumbing issue.  We highly recommend him!!

Mimi N. Avatar
Mimi N.

5 star ratingGreat job by Felix and his crew. Felix came to my home and gave me a very competitive estimate. He was here the next day doing the job. Very clean and effective work. I would strongly recommend Carter Sanitation. I will be calling them for all my pluming needs.

Jose F. Avatar
Jose F.

5 star ratingFelix from Carter Sanitation is simply amazing. We were very worried and upset when we found out we needed to replace our sewer line ASAP. Felix came out to my home on a Sunday and gave us a free quote and walked my husband and I through the process. I received quotes from a lot of companies and Felix went above and beyond. He showed us the material of the new pipe he recommended and the options we had. These guys are experts, all they do is sewer lines! This is who you want to hire to fix your sewer line. They didn't try to upsell us, they told us the facts and gave us a great price. He was able to start to the job that week, since we needed it done ASAP. He kept me updated thru the whole project and even sent me photos the show me the progress. They were honest and fair. They worked with us on payment, which was amazing since the job needed to be done ASAP. Thank you Felix and your team!!! I am so happy this job is done and I can run my washer and dishwasher at the same time and not worry!!!!! Thank you!!

Kourtney R. Avatar
Kourtney R.

5 star ratingFelix just came to my house to a clog in my main line. He was courteous, professional, and explained everything that he was going to do. He was very serious about being clean and leaving my newly remodeled house in a very good condition. Would definitely recommend anytime.

Jason Y. Avatar
Jason Y.

5 star ratingI called and we made appointment for the following day. Felix was running behind due to his previous job and he called me to let me know he would be late.  So I went to run an errand. However, Felix arrived on time and waited 15 minutes for me to return.  To diagnose the problem he ran pipe camera and showed me the pictures live.  He then also emailed them to me. He checked the house and advised me.  He completed and informed me I should not have the problem again and to not let anyone scare me into believing  expensive repairs are needed.  He was straightforward, honest and professional.  I recommend him.

P M. Avatar
P M.
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