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Cespool Service
in City of Industry

Cespool Service in City of Industry

Carter Sanitation has been serving Southern California for almost 30 years. The business was founded in 1972 and is one of the frontrunners of sewer repair in Southern California. With that in mind, our professionals provides the following services for our customers in City of Industry:

Sewer Repair in City of Industry

Did you know that there are two main ways to repair your sewer? Carter Sanitation is the leader in sewer repairs and provides two ways to solve your sewer problems.

Traditional Sewer Pipe Repair

The staff at Carter Sanitation offers traditional sewer repair methods. We will visit your property and see where the blockage is. If we find that the issue is in the road, we can bring a backhoe and dig a trench to reach the main sewer pipes. Once the sewer line is located, our professionals will take the required actions to solve the issue. One of the issues with traditional sewer repairs is that they are slightly messy. Our professionals will have to dig up your front yard in order to access the drain. With that in mind, it's an incredibly successful method of fixing your sewer lines, but very messy as well.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair in City of Industry

The staff at Carter Sanitation have many years of expertise in trenchless sewer repair. This means that our professionals will not have to dig up your front year if there is a issue at your sewer line. With this method, our experts will inspect your sewer with a camera and review the liner of the pipe. If we find that the sewer pipe is clogged, we will take the appropriate action. One of the numerous benefits of trenchless sewer repair is that it's easy, affordable and non-invasive.

City of Industry Septic Cleanout

Carter Sanitation has almost 35 years of septic pumping experience. We have serviced hundreds of septic tanks over the years with both pumping and cleanouts. The septic cleanout team at Carter Sanitation will help with your septic tank maintenance to ensure its works for a lifetime. When our septic tank technicians arrive at your residence, they will use a prod and find the septic tank access lid to pump the waste from the tank. Once the waste is pumped, the staff at Carter Sanitation will clean the septic tank of sludge, rust and other matter. Call our septic tank pumping technicians today for a free estimate on your septic cleanout.

Sewer Stoppage in City of Industry

Are you suffering from sewer blockage issues? The professionals at Carter Sanitation has almost 35 years of experience clearing sewer backup. Once our pluming specialists arrive at your residence they find the cleanout plug which most houses have. Some of the symptoms of sewer obstruction are washer backup, shower backed and toilet backup. One reason you may have sewer obstruction is because of city tree roots. Sometimes the tree roots grow into the sewer line and cause broken and damaged pipes. On other occasions, you may have a baby wipe of baby diaper into the line which may be the reason for the plumbing obstruction. So please make sure you don't flush any material except for human waste. Call our street sewer repair technicians at Carter Sanitation today for help with your blocked sewer lines.
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